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DEFEND: Using Identity Data and Behavior Intelligence for Fraud Detection

Hear from the Experts:

  • Explore key themes and trends around digital fraud
  • How data intelligence is essential for fighting fraud
  • What tools product leaders are developing to take early action on fraud signals
On-Demand Webinar
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Why Attend?

Digital fraud is pervasive — and building intelligence with the right data is critical for early and accurate detection. As a fraud leader, how can you gather and take action on your data? How can you use it to create fraud intelligence to fuel your detection? What new tools are available to fight new and emerging fraud?

Join us for DEFEND

Using Identity Data and Behavior Intelligence for Fraud Detection, an exclusive, invitation-only virtual event. Moderated by Tom Shell, Head of Partnerships at DataVisor, our expert panelists will examine the role of data in creating fraud intelligence to enable early detection of new and emerging fraud patterns. They’ll share real-world examples of how advanced tools help to mitigate fraud exposure, minimize costs and reduce operational overhead.



Kushal Shah
Kushal Shah
Chief Product Officer
Michael Pezely
Head of Trust & Safety Operations
Steve Knoff
Steve Knoff
VP of Product

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