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Is FRAML Real?
6 Trends We Have Seen in 2024

Is FRAML Real? Watch this webinar where we delve into 6 FRAML trends observed in 2024. We explore the evolving landscape of Fraud and AML integration, emphasizing the need to navigate these blurred lines effectively, and how Sponsor Banks strengthen their FRAML program to meet the changing regulatory landscape. Discover strategies for filing SAR based on fraud detection, and learn how FRAML balances user acquisition and compliance pressures through scenarios like KYC and screening.

Key topics include:

  • How to understand the Fraud & AML evolution with FRAML integration
  • Why unifying Fraud and AML data brings enhanced compliance
  • How to leverage advanced AI and ML in FRAML
  • Ways to stay ahead of changing FRAML regulatory requirements for Sponsor Banks
  • Methods for integrating Fraud and AML operations with cost efficiency
  • Strategies to ensure accurate remediation paths with true FRAML
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“Is FRAML real? And does it work?” The answer is a resounding yes. The industry is filled with success stories of FIs starting to adopt FRAML to greatly increase efficiency and effectiveness of detection across the customer journey.

The convergence of fraud and AML—dubbed FRAML—is reshaping industry norms and influencing the trajectory of risk management platforms. How do you navigate the merging realms of Fraud and AML? What advantages come with embracing a FRAML framework? Explore these questions and more in our upcoming webinar, “Is FRAML Real? 6 Trends We Have Seen in 2024.”


Meet the Speakers

Brenda Banks
VP of BaaS & BSA
Fang Yu
Jake Spiegel
Product Manager

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