Is Zero Trust The New Firebreak in Stopping Financial Fraud?

Learn How Zero Trust Aligns Cross-functional Teams in the Fight Against Fraud

During this recorded webinar, our panel of financial fraud experts share strategies for establishing a common language and Zero Trust framework for managing fraud and risk. Watch now to learn:

  • The essential abilities of Zero Trust
  • How Zero Trust fraud prevention compares to other models
  • How to combine fraud detection with identity verification in a Zero Trust framework

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The fraud detection, cybersecurity and risk mitigation teams in modern banks often work in silos. Why? Because policies and procedures are specific to their business units – and that leaves a critical gap in cybersecurity that opens the door for fraud. Adopting a Zero Trust security model can help align teams and create a united front against fraud. 

Join us as we learn about strategies for establishing a Zero Trust framework and common language, to reduce customer friction and fraud losses, while enabling you to approve more customers.
zero trust webinar


john watkins headshot
John Watkins
SVP of Fraud Strategy and Operations
Jenius Bank
Brian Pramov
Brian Pramov
Director of Customer Success
jonathan care headshot
Jonathan Care
ex-Gartner Research Analyst
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