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DataVisor Expands Fraud Detection Ecosystem with Twilio-Powered SMS Customer Verification Integration

December 11, 2023

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — December 7, 2023 — DataVisor, the world’s leading AI-powered fraud and risk platform, announced the expansion of its end-to-end platform capabilities with the integration of SMS customer verification for fraudulent transactions. This new offering, powered by Twilio technology, provides customers with enhanced fraud protection via additional end-user authentication and verification capabilities. Additionally, it introduces a more cohesive and fully end-to-end fraud operation experience, significantly enhancing flexibility and efficiency within the DataVisor platform. This integration underscores DataVisor’s dedication to establishing a robust fraud ecosystem by simplifying the fraud prevention process with a comprehensive and holistic approach.

DataVisor’s AI-powered fraud and risk platform is purpose built for extensibility across a variety of use cases and end-to-end functions and now benefits from an added layer of security and efficiency with a turnkey and cost-effective SMS verification solution. For high-risk activities and transactions that are detected by DataVisor’s machine learning and rules-powered platform, businesses now have the option to implement an automated challenge and response by initiating tailored real-time SMS verification instead of a time-consuming review process that may involve subjective judgment. The SMS verification serves as an added layer of authentication, refining the accuracy of subsequent fraud decisions. This approach helps to prevent premature rejections of legitimate user activities that might seem high risk, thereby enhancing security and the overall user experience. This latest feature brings increased efficiency through its seamless integration with DataVisor’s real-time fraud detection workflows and sophisticated case management systems, eliminating the use of disjointed authentication and fraud detection mechanisms.

“The integration of SMS customer verification into the DataVisor platform marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless fraud prevention experience,” said Fang Yu, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at DataVisor. “By integrating robust fraud capabilities and centralizing intelligence, including third-party data and SMS verification, into the DataVisor ecosystem, we’re advancing our commitment to providing unparalleled protection against constantly evolving threats.”

DataVisor’s SMS verification integration boasts the following benefits for customers:

Enhanced fraud protection with integrated verification
The incorporation of SMS customer verification offers additional end-user authentication capabilities, representing more robust fraud detection with DataVisor’s holistic approach. When synergized with cutting-edge machine learning and AI based detection, clients can combat fraud with a heightened level of security.

Streamlined experiences for end users
Customers now have the option to selectively target high-risk segments of traffic, sending fully customized SMS verifications instead of prematurely rejecting transactions or sending them for lengthy review, creating a smoother and more streamlined user experience. The DataVisor platform also allows the storage of SMS verification results to prevent future redundant text messages and repeated user friction.

Reduced cost and improved operational efficiency
This integration marks a substantial enhancement in fraud prevention workflows by enabling automated case creation and review upon receiving end-user verification signals. It dismantles silos in the verification process, eliminating the need for a fragmented workflow. This not only significantly reduces the time and cost associated with integrating multiple systems but also enhances operational efficiency.

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the most comprehensive fraud and financial crime prevention platform powered by sophisticated AI and modern machine learning capabilities. DataVisor empowers customers to protect against future attacks before they happen by detecting and acting on rapidly evolving fraud patterns in real time. DataVisor’s adaptable solution and data-driven approach provides businesses with unparalleled protection in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

DataVisor’s award-winning solutions and continuous innovation make them the trusted partner of choice for Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations worldwide, specializing in financial services, banking, credit unions, fintech, and payments.

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Tara Strazdas, The Fletcher Group