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DataVisor Defines The Future Of Digital Fraud And Risk Management With Next-Gen Platform Capabilities

November 29, 2022

Enterprise Platform with a global customer base delivers over 40+% lift in detection with 90+% detection accuracy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Nov 29, 2022 — DataVisor, a global leader in fraud and risk management solutions, today announced new product enhancements in 2022 that further strengthen its comprehensive fraud and risk platform with new capabilities for more seamless data integration, superior detection, automated decisioning, and rapid, scalable analysis and investigation. DataVisor’s Fraud Platform, together with these enhanced capabilities and its innovative approach using Unsupervised Learning, delivers complete protection in a single, powerful cloud-based SaaS solution. Fraud leaders, business users, and data analysts across the organization can now leverage the power of machine learning, advanced decisioning tools, and third-party data integrations in a one-stop platform without the need to manage multiple vendors and point solution integrations.

“Digital innovation is not just transforming how consumers transact but also how fraudsters leverage technology to identify and exploit exposures to data. The ever-expanding digital footprint necessitates the use of data intelligence and signals from different attack vectors effectively and efficiently. To this effect, the platform approach is at the center of transforming the approach to managing digital fraud and risk, ” said Yinglian Xie, Co-founder and CEO at DataVisor. “By enabling flexible integrations with strong orchestration capabilities layered with advanced machine learning in an open, modular platform, DataVisor helps businesses scale as they grow and benefit from unparalleled control and customization for continuous risk assessment across every customer touch point.”

“Our success is demonstrated in the expansion of our North America customer base and we are delighted to add customers like Affirm, Galileo, Neo Financial to our growing list of partners and clients”, said Xie.

Key features that were added in 2022 include:

Data Orchestration and Enrichment

DataVisor orchestrates numerous data sources with minimal latency and empowers fraud teams and business users to derive actionable insights from holistic data analysis. DataVisor has established several third-party integrations with data providers such as Ekata (a Mastercard company), Equifax, Q6, and others, to enrich fraud signals with additional data inputs, increasing detection accuracy and speed. With DataVisor’s contextual data orchestration, clients are able to realize cost savings by only authenticating users when needed instead of making calls for identity verification for each single user.

Lo-code Feature Platform

Robust data orchestration and enrichment layer integrates with agile, low-code feature platforms to translate data into actionable fraud attributes for immediate protection. With the most powerful real-time feature platform in the market, fraud professionals and business users alike now can derive valuable signals across multiple levels of entity relationships across large volumes of data points without any IT support and without the need for coding. Pre-built feature packages, based on DataVisor’s deep fraud expertise, , are optimized for specific fraud types and scenarios and reduce time spent manually building features from scratch for rules and ML models, accelerating the response to new fraud attacks

Device and behavioral intelligence

DataVisor’s dEdge is the only native device intelligence solution that is fully integrated with a fraud platform. Working seamlessly with the fraud platform, It not only identifies sophisticated attack techniques such as emulators, botnets, and rooted and hooked devices but also captures a wide variety of behavior intelligence signals such as copy and paste, typing speed, abnormal mouse, and user behaviors. The integrated device and user behavioral signals bring edge computing capabilities to the platform lowering overall cloud computing costs for businesses.

Flexible Closed Feedback Loop

DataVisor’s case management capabilities enable fraud analysts and investigators to visualize linkages among connected fraud incidents while making bulk decisions with higher accuracy, significantly increasing operational efficiency. It supports embedding third-party web pages, internal UIs, or Maps, so analysts can gather all information in one place for fast investigation. The investigation decision is fed back in real time for future auto-decisioning and system monitoring. Automatic Model Retraining and Rule Tuning also reduce labor and costs while minimizing human error, and the quick deployment of new, more effective models maximizes ROI.

DataVisor’s Fraud and Risk Platform is a proven, production-ready solution that can be easily integrated with existing systems for immediate response to potential attacks, minimizing fraud losses while delivering immediate ROI.

DataVisor protects more than 4.2 billion accounts worldwide for many of the largest and most successful global enterprises.

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases. DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Media Contact
Priya Rajan