DataVisor Enterprise Fraud and Risk Platform

DataVisor platform integrates different signals, third-party data, and heterogeneous data sources to deliver the most superior fraud detection and minimize financial loss. Powered by an extensive array of tools and machine learning approaches, that include Unsupervised and Supervised Learning, rules engine, fraud feature platform and linkage analysis, our solution delivers a holistic fraud prevention strategy to combat the speed, scale, and sophistication of modern fraud.


dOps Product Capabilities
dOps Product Capabilities
dOps Product Capabilities


Rule Analytics
Data Orchestration

Accelerate fraud model development and increase accuracy by cleaning data efficiently and establishing data quality early. Once a user uploads their data and maps the fields, dCube automatically analyzes the data quality and flags potential issues allowing users to accelerate the data cleaning process. Users can extract, transform and load (ETL) data rapidly with the advanced built-in features; the system also seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources.

Enterprise Capabilities
Feature Engineering

Benefit from an extensive library of the most sophisticated and advanced out-of-box fraud features tailored to specific fraud use cases. These features are created using attributes—such as device IDs, user agents, email addresses and more–to provide more powerful insights for advanced fraud detection. Users can additionally engineer custom features by using UI or via coding inside the platform to get optimal model performance.

Adaptive Machine Learning

Provide fraud signals from supervised and unsupervised models. Enable develop and compare machine learning models by using the user-friendly modeling platform. This gives users maximal ability to combine DataVisor’s domain expertise with their own; accepting recommendations where appropriate, customizing as needed, and refining over time. Once the model is approved, it can be deployed in one click. Users also have access to the complete documentation for model governance.

Case Management
Case Management

Boost review efficiency and make confident decisions with comprehensive case management. Our platform makes it easy to investigate and understand complex cases quickly, uncovering sophisticated patterns with speed and efficiency. The Knowledge Graph lets you visualize multidimensional connections among entities, groups and money flow, so you can analyze attack techniques and monitor risk trends over time. You’ll gain valuable insights with detailed reason codes, and benefit from advanced user access control, productivity tracking and a complete history of activities for effective team management.

Product Tiers


A real-time fraud and risk operations solution that delivers enterprise-class protection for runtime production environments. With an advanced Feature Platform and Rules Engine at its core, DataVisor Enterprise helps fraud and risk teams combat fraud and identify business risks with control, agility and scalability.

Enterprise Plus

A machine-learning-powered solution that advances fraud prevention by proactively detecting fast-evolving and unknown fraud. Powered by DataVisor’s Unsupervised and Supervised Learning algorithms, Rules Engine and Feature Platform, DataVisor Enterprise Plus delivers a holistic strategy to combat the speed, scale and sophistication of modern fraud.

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Enterprise Pro

A comprehensive fraud and risk management platform that empowers organizations to have complete control when building AI and machine-learning models to proactively manage fraud and risk. DataVisor Enterprise Pro provides full model transparency and explainability with model governance, to meet compliance requirements.

Optional Add-Ons

Fraud Analytics

Leverage Insights Center to perform real-time analytics, monitor risk profile changes and define new strategies. Use Knowledge Graph to perform linkage analysis among various entities, auto discover the most suspicious patterns and take dynamic actions on blocklists and allowlists.

Device and Behavior Intelligence

Detect fraud by using device signals, user behavior data and risk indicators. Uncover tactics targeting mobile devices, including emulators, botnets, rooting, hooking, cloud phones and more.

Seamless Integration.
Enterprise-Class Performance.

DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud solution provides rapid and flexible integration with your existing systems, orchestration solutions and third-party vendors in two weeks, and it supports: real-time and batch processing, asynchronous and synchronous modes, structured and unstructured data, and cloud and on-prem deployment.