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5 Tips for Keeping Your Marketplace Safe

Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time shopping and interacting online, on everything from social networks to p2p marketplace or e-Commerce websites. Learn how fraudsters target your users online with spam and fake reviews and how you can protect yourself with the latest AI and Big Data technologies. Read More >>

PYMNTS Digital Fraud Tracker Sep ’18's Digital Fraud Tracker, powered by DataVisor, covers the latest trends and news in financial fraud and security. This month's Tracker features Ally Bank on how to put customers in control of their security and how AI & Machine Learning can be used to fight financial fraud. Read More >>

Financial Fraud

Learn more about how DataVisor uses unsupervised machine learning to protect financial institutions from fraudulent transactions and bank account openings created with synthetic or stolen identities. Read More >>

eBook: Taming the AML Beast

This ebook discusses how financial institutions can address some of the shortcomings of existing AML alerting tools to detect the ever more sophisticated money laundering networks. Read More >>

App Install Fraud Case Study

DataVisor has partnered with one of the most well respected gaming companies in the world, with a massive install base of more than 300 million users across 180+ countries, to help them fight user acquisition fraud. Read More >>

Guide to Hiring a Fraud Team

In this white paper, DataVisor architect Julian Wong shares his thoughts on key traits to look for in a candidate when hiring and building a fraud/risk analyst team, as well as how to create a setting to optimize your team’s value. Read More >>
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