Special Report

DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q2 2018

The Q2 2018 edition of the DataVisor Fraud Index Report showcases several trends, including the rise of sophisticated attack infrastructures that allow attackers to rapidly adapt their techniques based on how users and institutions respond to the attack. It captures evidence of shifting attack channels, obfuscated attack origins, and the “incubation” behavior of fraudulent accounts.

This report is based on attacks that were detected by the DataVisor Fraud Detection Platform from April through June 2018 and gives unprecedented insights into increase of fraudulent activity across a number of industries including social platforms, e-commerce, financial services, and mobile gaming. We uncovered a total of 603 million malicious activities and over 350,000 cases of coordinated attacks!

Read this report to learn:

  • Patterns in coordinated attacks across verticals
  • Where attacks and fraudulent accounts originate
  • Techniques fraudsters use to evade detection
  • How online services can stay on top of their game

Download the Q2 Index Report: