Full-Scale Protection for Fast-Moving Commerce

Transaction fraud has evolved from single-party credit card theft to a full-blown enterprise. Fraudsters now orchestrate highly-intelligent attacks with ecosystems of stolen credit cards, personal information, and two-step authentication scripts. And these are just the tip of the transaction-fraud iceberg.  

DataVisor’s unsupervised approach does not require data or labels to detect new attack techniques. Our fully autonomous technology drastically reduces response time to fraudulent attacks. 

Welcome to the Future of Fraud Protection.

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Card Not Present 

EMV technology has forced attackers to adapt and pivot to ‘card not present’ transactions. DataVisor fights these fraudulent transactions by combining and sending structured and unstructured digital signals in real time. 

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Real-Time Payments

When transferring money, speed and convenience are paramount for both customers and fraudsters alike. Early detection enables companies to prevent fraudulent account openings and allows for continuous monitoring for suspicious transfer requests. 

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Digital Wallets

Digital coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs drive customer engagement and retention. But one fraudulent breach of a digital wallet will undermine customer trust and may result in total account takeover and financial loss. DataVisor’s innovative technology detects and eliminates these attacks before they cause harm. 

Machine Learning. Reimagined.

The ever-evolving and massive number of attacks made it more than a full-time job for the company’s large fraud team to attempt to keep up, let alone get ahead on detecting fraud. Existing fraud detection solutions, work well on training and testing data, but are unable to keep up with the sophisticated and varied new attack techniques. 

Uncover New Fraud Patterns

DataVisor Enterprise is not limited by data training and labels. Rather, the industry-leading technology automatically searches new patterns, trends, and suspicious correlations. This means that clever fraudulent-attack detection runs directly on production data. 

Minimize Maintenance

DataVisor’s machine learning models are capable of maintaining performance over time without the need for re-tuning. This sets our technology head-and-shoulders above other so-called solutions that require historical experience and eventually decay in production without constant re-tuning. 

Enjoy Immediate Results

DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning approach integrates immediately and achieves optimal performance the moment it is deployed. The speed and accuracy delivers exceptional value in fraud detection for new financial product offerings. 

Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?