Stop Promotion Abuse and Grow Your Business with Real Customers

Promotions are massively popular with consumers — and with fraudsters, as well. Using sophisticated tools such as bots, they mass-register fake accounts, making it difficult for businesses to stop them for fear of deterring good customers with high-friction transactions. These high-scale coordinated attacks can result in significant financial loss.

Unfortunately, promotion abuse is more common than ever, and without a scalable technology for detecting and preventing it, profitability is at stake.

During this webinar, we’ll show you how DataVisor’s AI-powered fraud and risk solutions can detect and prevent promotion abuse proactively — without adding friction to the customer experience.

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Common fraud techniques fraudsters adopt to mass-register fake accounts

How machine learning detects promotion abuse in real time before loss occurs

How a top online marketplace saved $20M with DataVisor

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A large C2C marketplace improved operational efficiency by 20x


Akshay Sharma

Solutions Engineer DataVisor

Trusted by Leading Brands

Trusted by Leading Brands

"DataVisor’s machine learning solution is the most critical component of our fraud defense as we grow in digital space, helping us minimize customer friction while defeating fraud risk."

Richard Cooney

Head of Fraud Strategy

August 18, 2:00pm EDT | 11:00am PDT

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