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How to Boost Review Efficiency and Make Confident Decisions with a New Approach to Case Management

Empower fraud analysts to visualize linkages, group correlated alerts, and take bulk action with a new approach to case management.

By Claire Zhou March 26, 2020

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about Claire Zhou
Claire is a Product Marketing Manager at DataVisor with over 5 years of marketing experience in security and fin-tech. She is passionate about empowering enterprise customers with AI-based solutions. Her expertise spans data analytics, cybersecurity, and fraud prevention. Claire has an MBA from UCLA.

Bad actors continue to find new ways to evolve and scale their attacks, and financial services and internet companies, to name just a few, are facing ever-increasing fraud threats. The number of cases requiring investigation is skyrocketing, and the volume is overwhelming review teams. Additionally, the increasing complexity of these cases demands high levels of domain expertise, which is often in short supply.

Given these challenges, efficient processes are essential. However, fraud analysts and investigators spend the majority of their time reviewing individual cases and taking actions one by one. This approach is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and leaves teams unable to keep pace with fraud attacks even during normal times, let alone during predictable holiday spikes (when fraud rates can increase by 60% or more), or unpredictable surges associated with unforeseen events. These outdated approaches lead to a large number of undetected fraud attacks and high false positive rates. The problems are compounded by the fact that fraud analysts working in this way are only exposed to a small piece of the overall picture and hence don’t have the capabilities to look at broader correlations and connections.

To alleviate these issues, and to provide fraud analysts and investigators with the tools and technologies they need to get ahead of modern fraud attacks, DataVisor is introducing enhanced case management capabilities as part of our comprehensive fraud management platform. By integrating DataVisor’s solutions, fraud analysts and investigators can visualize linkages among connected fraud incidents while making bulk decisions to address all of the fraud en masse. Teams will now be able to make more informed decisions with higher accuracy, and significantly boost operational efficiency.

Visualizing linkages to make confident decisions for complex cases

The increasing use of bots and large, human-operated “farms” means modern fraud happens at an unprecedented scale, so it’s essential that fraud teams practice holistic analysis to spot correlated patterns and connections. Additionally, fraudsters are skilled at making individual accounts and actions seem legitimate. These can only be exposed as fraudulent by connecting them to larger attack patterns. 

DataVisor’s advanced visualization solution leverages the power of proprietary machine learning technology to find connected accounts and activities, and uncover relationships that otherwise would have been impossible to detect if analysts were only reviewing cases individually. These powerful visualization capabilities are especially effective at detecting bot attacks, coordinated crimes from human-operated farms, and sophisticated money laundering activities that involve multiple parties.

Visualizing Linkages

Visualizing linkages among connected entities

DataVisor’s solution visualizes connections by gathering omnichannel data, and draws connections across various entities, including accounts, transactions, IP addresses, locations, emails, devices, phone numbers, and more. With these advanced visualization capabilities, fraud analysts are empowered to uncover hidden connections and dive deep to investigate complex cases.

Taking bulk action to boost operational efficiency by up to 100x

By using DataVisor’s case management features, organizations can boost operational efficiency by empowering analysts to take bulk action. The system will automatically bucket correlated instances of fraudulent and malicious activity into a single group and provide detailed reason codes about why this group is suspicious, empowering analysts to then make informed decisions.

Holistic Analysis

Providing holistic analysis and detailed reason codes to make confident decisions

From there, analysts can review selected samples from the group and make determinations as to what actions to take. Because the work of correlating similar cases has already been done by the system, analysts can confidently make decisions that can then be applied in bulk to all the cases within a given group. In the case of bot-powered attacks, this can sometimes mean upwards of tens of thousands of cases, with resulting boosts in efficiency of 100x or more.

Taking Bulk Action

Taking bulk action for a group of correlated fraudulent cases. This action can be automatically applied to all future cases added to this group

DataVisor’s case management solution delivers essential capabilities for fraud detection. It becomes possible for fraud teams to surface sophisticated fraud patterns from vast volumes of raw data, and visualize otherwise hidden linkages to promote faster and more accurate review, and better decision-making. Analysts are able to take bulk action on large numbers of cases instantly, increasing efficiency and allowing more time to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Schedule a demo today to experience how DataVisor’s comprehensive, AI-powered fraud detection platform can improve your organization’s accuracy and efficiency.

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