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Protect Devices from Threat Attacks with dEdge, New from DataVisor

Gather extensive device intelligence and leverage actionable insights to protect against fast-evolving attacks from hijacked devices.

By Claire Zhou December 19, 2019

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about Claire Zhou
Claire is a Product Marketing Manager at DataVisor with over 5 years of marketing experience in security and fin-tech. She is passionate about empowering enterprise customers with AI-based solutions. Her expertise spans data analytics, cybersecurity, and fraud prevention. Claire has an MBA from UCLA.

With the growing adoption of mobile and connected devices, organizations are increasingly challenged by expanding attack surfaces and fast-evolving threats. These challenges are particularly daunting for consumer-facing organizations, including banks, fintech companies, e-commerce sites, and social and travel platforms—all of whom provide mobile and web applications to enhance customer experience and provide greater convenience.

Businesses today are faced with the question of how to build powerful apps while simultaneously defending against sophisticated attacks. 

To solve this problem, organizations are looking for high-quality device intelligence to make better data-driven decisions. If you’re a product manager, head of innovation, director of fraud management, or senior developer, you need to be able to leverage device intelligence to deliver world-class products that drive business growth and increase customer retention, and you need these products to be fully protected from new and emerging threats.

Introducing DataVisor’s dEdge

With the launch of dEdge, DataVisor is empowering businesses to harness extensive device intelligence and leverage actionable insights–device IDs, signals, scores, and more–to protect against attacks from hijacked devices.

dEdge provides organizations with a transformational opportunity to move detection to a much earlier point along the timeline of a fraud attack—the device and browser level. The importance of collecting data at the source is that there are many layers—between data sources and applications—where a fraudster can repackage an app or manipulate data through proxies, traffic simulators, and more, to conduct fraud. dEdge empowers organizations to precisely collect data at the source to validate the legitimacy of a customer or an app, and detect malicious actors in real time, before they can cause damage.


Real-Time Device Intelligence Collection
To make better data-driven decisions, organizations need an effective way to collect data from applications on omni channels, including mobile, desktop, and other devices. 

dEdge supports businesses by gathering hundreds of valuable data fields in real time—device info, operating system, network, timestamp, languages, user agents, and more.  

Advanced Device Manipulation Detection

Today’s fraudsters use sophisticated attack techniques–root, hook, emulator, repackage, malware, and more–to manipulate devices and execute fraudulent attacks, causing massive financial and reputational losses for businesses. However, existing solutions cannot keep up and are unable to adequately detect new threats—especially when fraudsters use the latest hijacking tools and continuously evolve their attack patterns—which allows highly damaging attacks to slip through. 

By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze extensive device information and risk signals, dEdge can make accurate distinctions between trusted devices and those evidencing prognostic signs of manipulation, effectively blocking all the attacks at the source. 

Unique Device ID and Accurate Device Score

When it comes to fraud prevention, the most powerful and actionable device intelligence comprises device identifications, risk signals, and device scores. However, existing solutions don’t provide adequate information, and they are not able to deliver a consistent device ID after fraudsters reset or manipulate devices. Businesses are suffering from huge fraud losses due to inaccurate, insufficient, and low-quality intelligence.

dEdge solves for these pain points by providing actionable intelligence and delivering demonstrable results. dEdge generates consistent and unique device identifications, no matter how—and in what ways—fraudsters might uninstall apps or reset devices. dEdge also provides advanced risk signals and device scores that businesses can use to take immediate action, or which can be fed into rules engines or prediction models for enhanced detection.


dEdge delivers advanced mobile and web app protection, enables frictionless customer experiences, and provides actionable insights. Additional benefits include:

  • Exceptional app performance. By leveraging edge computing to scale down traffic loads, dEdge eliminates latency, handles high QPS, and increases app speed.
  • Better customer privacy and experience. dEdge protects customer privacy by processing data on the devices without sending any private information to the cloud. The solution also ensures friction-free customer experiences by delivering fast responses in real time. 
  • Data security at every touchpoint. By using best-in-class white-box encryption and digital signature capabilities, dEdge protects data from being hijacked or tampered with, and stops fraudsters from analyzing data offline after they transfer the data.
  • Cloud and infra cost savings. dEdge reduces cloud computing costs by leveraging edge computing. Organizations can expand computing capability through edge devices, without the need to heavily invest in infrastructure. 

dEdge supports both on-premise and cloud environments and seamlessly integrates with both your existing solutions and DataVisor’s full product suite—including dCube and Feature Platform. Integration with DataVisor’s machine learning solutions enables organizations to capture unknown fraud without the need for labels. 

To learn more about implementing dEdge, and to discover how to get immediate insights and protection on day one, visit our product page today.

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