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A Guide to Centralizing Data Intelligence

Discover how to centralize intelligence in your organization with automated feature engineering, to improve customer acquisition, drive growth, and stop fraud dead in its tracks.

Product Capabilities

dCube Product Capabilities
dCube Product Capabilities
dCube Product Capabilities
dCube Product Capabilities

Product Capabilities

Data Integration and Transformation

Establish data quality early.

Accelerate fraud model development and increase accuracy by cleaning data efficiently and establishing data quality early. Once a user uploads their data and maps the fields, dCube automatically analyzes the data quality and flags potential issues allowing users to accelerate the data cleaning process. Users can extract, transform and load (ETL) data rapidly with the advanced built-in features; the system also seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources.

Feature Engineering
Advanced Feature Engineering

Enhance detection with enriched features.

Benefit from an extensive library of the most sophisticated and advanced out-of-box fraud features tailored to specific fraud use cases. These features are created using attributes—such as device IDs, user agents, email addresses and more–to provide more powerful insights for advanced fraud detection. Users can additionally engineer custom features by using UI or via coding inside the platform to get optimal model performance.

Model Development and Validation

Build powerful models with full control and explainability.

Develop and compare machine learning models by using the user-friendly modeling platform. This gives users maximal ability to combine DataVisor’s domain expertise with their own; accepting recommendations where appropriate, customizing as needed, and refining over time. Once the model is approved, it can be deployed in one click. Users also have access to the complete documentation for model governance.

Case Management and Knowledge Graph

Comprehend complex cases quickly. Manage your team expertly.

Boost review efficiency and make confident decisions with comprehensive case management. dCube makes it easy to investigate and understand complex cases quickly, uncovering sophisticated patterns with speed and efficiency. The Knowledge Graph lets you visualize multidimensional connections among entities, groups and money flow, so you can analyze attack techniques and monitor risk trends over time. You’ll gain valuable insights with detailed reason codes, and benefit from advanced user access control, productivity tracking and a complete history of activities for effective team management.

Rapid and Flexible Integration

DataVisor provides flexible deployment options across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise to meet the security requirements of any enterprise.

dCube Integration

Rapid Detection for Fast-Evolving Fraud

Domain expertise informs every aspect of dCube. Defend your organization against even the most sophisticated attacks with the world’s most powerful fraud management solution.

1000 +
Proprietary Fraud Features

Rich library of fraud features to deliver immediate results from deployed models.

100 x
Review Efficiency
Improvement in Review Efficiency

Effectively handle fraud cases with advanced investigation capabilities.