Detect Fraudulent Activity in Real Time, the Moment an Account Opens

Put the breaks on AI-driven botnets and human-operated farms before they mass register fake accounts. Leverage Unsupervised Machine Learning (UML) and holistic analysis to stop fraud at the gate and prevent downstream damage from incubating accounts.

Detection uplift
Fraudulent Accounts

captured before the first scam

Auto Action Detection

Efficiency gain by taking automated bulk actions

2 weeks
Increased Accuracy

Over existing detection solutions

Case Studies from E-commerce Leaders

Case Studies from E-commerce Leaders

Find out how four e-commerce leaders are fighting and winning the war against modern fraudsters, reducing cost and risk, and improving customer experience with DataVisor’s fraud detection and prevention solutions.

Proactive Detection of Fake and Suspicious Accounts

Detect even the most complex, sophisticated techniques used by fraudsters including disposable emails for registrations; bots for scripted logins, incubating sleeper cells and human-operated scam farms.

No Historic Data


No Lengthy Training Periods

High Accuracy

Continuous Protection for Good Customers

Safeguard every good customer’s journey from day one by accurately distinguishing between legitimate and fake accounts at the point of registration. Capture incubating accounts early to prevent downstream damage, and preserve platform trust and safety to ensure exceptional experiences for good customers.

Proactive Monitoring

Any Use Case

Any Channel

Expedited Reviews and Increased Operational Efficiency

Expedited Reviews and Increased Operational Efficiency

Detect and eliminate thousands of fraudulent cases simultaneously by confidently making bulk decisions for entire fraud rings. Increase review efficiency and reduce overhead with automated blocks and quarantines. Eliminate alert fatigue resulting from large alert volumes and high manual review rates.




Stop the Mass Registration of Fake Accounts with Advanced AI

Predict and prevent suspicious activity with 99%+ accuracy, reduce overhead and boost review efficiency by up to 100x, and block fake accounts at the gate to protect good customers throughout the lifecycle of their journey.