Account Security for Customer-Centric Businesses

Don’t rely on high-friction authentication measures to stop fake account creations and ATO attempts. DataVisor uses machine learning to analyze web session logs, cross-account linkages, digital fingerprints, profile details, and account behaviors to surface even the most stealthy fraud patterns without increasing friction for good customers.

Detection Uplift

Capture more fraud in real time with a holistic approach, powered by machine learning.

Detection Accuracy

Open more good accounts and deliver frictionless customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Reduce financial losses and increase operational efficiency.

Keeping Platforms Safe From ATOs and Fake Accounts with DataVisor

Discover how top online marketplaces, review sites, social networks, and food delivery platforms have overcome major fraud challenges, including bot-orchestrated fake registrations and account takeover attempts. By using machine learning and sophisticated analysis tools, DataVisor enabled them to detect fast-evolving fraud attacks and act before they strike.

Anticipate and Block Fake Accounts Early

Uncover suspicious accounts and coordinated fraudulent registrations early in the incubation stage by spotting similar attributes and behaviors across accounts without requiring prior labels on the data. Take fraud defense to the next level with a machine learning ensemble that performs fraud investigations with a holistic-view strategy that evaluates risk across the customer lifecycle. Detect risky accounts with certainty from day one.

ATO Prevention

Fast Account Creation

Bot and Fake ID Auto-Block

Enable Fast Investigation and Decisions with Intuitive Visualizations

Import and explore data with a fraud investigation solution that allows teams to connect data, visualize linkages, and uncover patterns among seemingly unrelated events and user profiles to uncover new fraud patterns in real-time. Achieve a true 360° view of events in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that enables automated actions and bulk decisions to streamline processes and ensure their scalability.

Precise Automated Actions

Uncover New Fraud Patterns

Efficient and Intuitive Interface

Enable Continuous Account Monitoring by Centralizing Risk Decisions

Continuously monitor customer events—logins, transactions, password changes, and more—to effectively forecast potential ATOs, sleeper cells, and dormant accounts. Integrate all risk and fraud decisions with a complete platform that orchestrates data and risk signals into a decision and analytics hub, eliminating organizational silos and enabling scalable workflows that empower risk teams.

Single Risk Hub

Advanced Analytics

Scalable Workflows

Stop Bad Accounts at the Gate with Advanced AI

Harness the power of superior detection, immediate decision, and real-time analytics in a simple-to-use and intuitive SaaS platform. Ensure account integrity, from creation throughout the entire lifecycle, with a powerful AI-based fraud solution that can process terabytes of behavioral and event information.