About DCube

DCube is for large enterprises ready to leverage the power of transformational AI-powered fraud prevention. DCube combines advanced machine learning capabilities with enterprise workflows to put full control in the hands of fraud and data science teams to proactively defeat emerging fraud with speed and agility.


Facilitate seamless collaboration between all stakeholders to efficiently build, test, validate, and deploy optimally performing fraud models. Adapt to rapidly-evolving attacks with unrivaled speed and agility.


Benefit from an unprecedented level of control for data scientists to combine internal expertise with advanced domain intelligence to create customized models that deliver unparalleled detection accuracy.


Investigate complicated cases, review detailed detection reason codes, and see correlated activities across all accounts. Drill down to individual cluster or account levels and consistently make highly accurate fraud assessments.

The DCube Difference

DCube features a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital signals at big data scale, and powers real-time detection and response by enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform.

Superior Accuracy

Domain expertise informs every DCube feature, enabling organizations to leverage world-class tools and technologies to increase detection accuracy and lower false positives.

AI-Empowered Automation

Organizations can adapt to emerging threats with greater agility and speed by taking advantage of automated data management, feature engineering, and model development capabilities.

Integrated Workflows

DCube promotes increased operational efficiency and reduces bottlenecks by facilitating single-platform collaboration between data science and fraud teams.

“By 2021, 50% of enterprises will have added unsupervised machine learning to their fraud detection solution suites.”

“Begin Investing Now in Enhanced Machine-Learning Capabilities for Fraud Detection, 2017”

Fraud Management Across Industries

DCube protects against financial and reputational damage across industries, including financial services, telecom, insurance, marketplaces, e-commerce, and social platforms.


Financial Services

Proactively detect fraud attacks in real time. Benefit from full transparency and control, create frictionless customer experiences with lower false positives, and boost efficiency by enabling bulk decisions-making.

Telecom Blue Cropped


Detect and expose fraudulent subscribers to mitigate financial loss, and protect good telecom subscribers from spam and phishing attacks. Stop fraudsters from accessing sensitive financial data.

Insurance Blue cropped


Uncover and defuse bot-powered ATO attacks that result in the exposure and theft of personal data and electronic records. Expose multi-agent collusion, fraudulent account registration, and synthetic identity fraud.

Maximum Control for Every Stakeholder

DCube facilitates unparalleled agility by allowing data scientists, fraud analysts, and fraud strategists to collaborate on a single platform, eliminating organizational bottlenecks and enabling real-time detection and response.

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Data Scientists

Create a model for any kind of a fraud scenario, and benefit from additional flexibility to customize input data and engineer complex features.

Fraud Analyst Blue Cropped

Fraud Analysts

Efficiently review cases, take bulk action on groups of correlated accounts, and set auto-decisioning rules to improve review speed by orders of magnitude.

Fraud Strategist blue cropped

Fraud Strategists

Analyze data holistically to identify correlated groups of malicious users. Achieve rapid and accurate detection of known and unknown attacks.

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