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dCube is a comprehensive fraud management solution that combines transformational AI-powered technology with a streamlined workflow to enable proactive detection and prevention of known and unknown fraud.

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Defeat Emerging Fraud with Speed and Agility

Leverage the power of unsupervised machine learning to uncover correlated patterns and reveal hidden connections between accounts before sophisticated fraud attacks can launch. Accurately identify new and unknown attack types in real time with no need for historical data or lengthy training and retuning cycles.

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The Complete Fraud Prevention Platform

Data Management

Accelerate model development and boost accuracy with seamless integration and advanced validation.

Feature Engineering

Leverage exclusive out-of-box fraud features, and engineer custom features for optimal performance.

Model Validation and Deployment

Review results, compare models, improve performance, and accelerate model deployment.

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Solutions for Every Industry

Financial Services   Marketplaces   Social Platforms

The dCube Difference

Choose dCube as your fraud management platform and enjoy the benefits of complete control, transparency, and an integrated workflow.

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Facilitate seamless collaboration to efficiently build, validate, and deploy high-performance models.

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Combine internal expertise with advanced domain intelligence to achieve unrivaled accuracy.

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Investigate complicated cases, review detailed detection reason codes, and see correlated activities.

Unrivaled Results, Big Data Scale

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital fraud signals at big data scale, and powers real-time detection and prevention across industries by providing an entire ecosystem of integrated tools, technologies, products, and services.

Rapid Detection for Fast-Evolving Fraud

Domain expertise informs every aspect of dCube. Defend your organization against even the most sophisticated attacks with the world’s most powerful fraud management solution.


proprietary fraud-specific features

Draw on a rich library of fraud features to deliver immediate results from deployed models.


improvement in review efficiency

Effectively handle fraud cases with advanced investigation capabilities.


historic labels required

Adapt to fast-evolving fraud patterns without the need for lengthy training periods.

Leading Insights

Explore the latest in fraud intelligence.

DataVisor Introduces dCube

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dCube is the complete AI-powered fraud management solution that enables the proactive defeat of emerging fraud.

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture to manage complex digital signals at big data scale. it enables all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform. The result is increased operational efficiency, significant financial savings, and frictionless customer experiences.

Fraud Modeling with Automation, Complete Control, and Domain Expertise

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Discover how to build, test and deploy high-performance fraud models in a matter of minutes, instead of days.

Fraud model building must be rapid enough to respond to fraud threats and abuse in real time. DCube facilitates collaboration between fraud and data science teams to build models, review detection results, compare models, improve performance, and deploy in production for enhanced efficiency.

How Fraud Teams Can Optimize For Agility With Advanced Machine Learning

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Discover the key to implementing AI-powered solutions that live up to the hype.

In this insightful webinar, you’ll explore how organizations are leveraging AI-powered fraud management solutions to get tangible, real-world benefits as they work to proactively detect and defeat sophisticated modern fraud attacks. Plus, you’ll discover strategies for empowering cross-team…

Protect your business, your customers, and your data.

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