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DataVisor wins ‘Best AI-Based Solution for Fraud Management’ in the 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards

All at DataVisor would like to thank the AI Breakthrough Awards for recognizing dCube as the ‘Best AI-Based Solution for Fraud Management’ in 2019!

By Christopher Watkins July 2, 2019

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about Christopher Watkins
Christopher Watkins is Senior Creative Writer at DataVisor. He brings 10+ years of writing, editing, and strategy experience to his role. He was previously Senior Writer and Chief Words Officer at Udacity. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine.

All at DataVisor would like to thank the AI Breakthrough Awards for recognizing dCube as the ‘Best AI-Based Solution for Fraud Management’ in 2019!

“The mission of the AI Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work, and success of companies, technologies, and products in the field of Artificial Intelligence.”

As a provider of AI-powered fraud solutions, we wear many hats on behalf of the transformational technology that is artificial intelligence. We are evangelists, spreading the gospel of AI as an augmentative superpower that significantly enhances our ability to proactively detect and prevent malicious activities online. We are technologists, helping organizations across the globe integrate AI and machine learning into their systems seamlessly and effectively. We are engineers, data scientists, and researchers, continually striving to build, refine, and deliver the most advanced fraud management solutions available anywhere in the world. We are futurists, always looking ahead to the safer and more secure digital economy we are helping to create. 

Most of all, though, we are partners. Partners to you—the individuals and organizations who care for their customers, who believe every digital citizen has a right to a safe, secure, and abuse-free experience online, and who will settle at nothing less than the most comprehensive solutions available to protect their data, their reputations, and their communities. 

DataVisor is proud to protect many of the largest and most successful companies in the world. In choosing to adopt DataVisor’s AI-powered fraud management solutions, business such as Yelp, Pinterest, the Alibaba Group, and more, are defending their organizations, their customers, and their data, against even the most sophisticated fraud attacks.

While we are both proud and grateful to receive this award and this recognition, our most overriding emotion is excitement. We believe that every new organization that discovers dCube is another organization one step closer to the ultimate goal of fraud management: disincentivization. dCube empowers your organization not just to proactively detect and prevent fraud, but to make it so difficult for fraudsters to penetrate your defenses, that they simply quit trying.

“By definition, there exists no such thing as a single static fraud system that can stand the test of time. However, it is possible is to design and implement a system that can respond to change virtually as rapidly as it happens. The speed and adaptiveness with which you can respond to new and emerging threats will not only limit your financial loss, but it will also protect your business from being targeted by criminals in the first place.” —Kohki Yamaguchi, Director of Product, DataVisor

The key to proactive fraud prevention is early recognition of suspicious patterns, and this is where AI is such a powerful tool. AI and machine learning enable hyper-vigilance through advanced data management by making it possible to analyze data holistically and understand it contextually. With dCube, organizations can surface correlated patterns and flag pending fraudulent activity by uncovering connections between actions that appear safe and normal when viewed in isolation but are in fact part of a coordinated and sophisticated attack plan. 

Data Management screenshot
Under the hood of dCube’s advanced data management capabilities.

It’s especially important to understand that this is not just about algorithms and models. Fraud detection models can only ever be as good as their data and their features, and dCube offers both world-class automated feature engineering, and the ability to custom build unique features. This means organizations can combine their internal organizational expertise with DataVisor’s deep fraud domain expertise to achieve unrivaled detection results.

In the latest Digital Fraud Tracker from PYMNTS, DataVisor Co-Founder and CEO Yinglian Xie offered her insights about the necessity of a proactive approach:

“The reality is that fraudsters continuously evolve their techniques and leverage technology advancements to make their attacks more sophisticated and harder to detect. To stay ahead, we need to think ahead. We need to think beyond the known knowns to discover the unknown. We must embrace transformational solutions that promote real change, as opposed to incremental solutions that perpetuate dangerous vulnerabilities. Technologies like unsupervised machine learning—because of its ability to enable decisions without knowledge of prior loss experience or lengthy training periods—offer a new way forward.”

On behalf of all at DataVisor, we are excited to receive this award, and we’re excited to show you how you can proactively address all your fraud challenges with dCube.

To learn more, we encourage you to watch our latest webinar (which includes a dCube demonstration!) and to visit the dCube page on our site.

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