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DataVisor wins ‘Best AI-Based Solution for Fraud Management’ in the 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards

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On behalf of all at DataVisor, we are excited to receive the ‘Best AI-Based Solution for Fraud Management’ award!

"The mission of the AI Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work, and success of companies, technologies, and products in the field of Artificial Intelligence."

3 Tips for Adopting a Fraud Prevention Approach for the Long Term

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Defining a fraud strategy that can accommodate continuous change is no easy task. But it is possible.

Here are three tips on how you can implement a fraud strategy that enables you and your team to react rapidly to emerging fraud channels, patterns, and techniques.

Fraud Modeling with Automation, Complete Control, and Domain Expertise

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Discover how to build, test and deploy high-performance fraud models in a matter of minutes, instead of days.

Fraud model building must be rapid enough to respond to fraud threats and abuse in real time. DCube facilitates collaboration between fraud and data science teams to build models, review detection results, compare models, improve performance, and deploy in production for enhanced efficiency.

Bringing DataVisor to the Masses

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DataVisor’s Vice President of Business Development, Partnerships, and Sales discusses world-changing AI-powered fraud solutions.

The goal is to bring visionary technology to the biggest platforms out there—to bring DataVisor to the masses. DataVisor’s solutions are beyond what is currently available to the market. DataVisor is leading the way to a new vision for fraud management; one that prioritizes proactivity.