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Bringing DataVisor to the Masses

DataVisor Quick Takes

By David Cassady April 17, 2019

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about David Cassady
David brings over two decades worth of executive-level experience to his role with DataVisor. He has held similar positions at companies such as Greenlight Technologies and Alert Enterprise, and has led several high-growth startups through successful IPOs and acquisitions, including Virsa Systems (acquired by SAP) and Interwoven (acquired by Autonomy, in turn acquired by Hewlett-Packard).

Earlier this month, I made what I’m certain will be one of the most important decisions in my long career. I chose to join DataVisor as Vice President of Business Development, Partnerships, and Sales. I am now so proud to be part of this amazing leadership team. Our co-founders Yinglian Xie and Fang Yu, CEO and CTO respectively, have my total admiration. I have had the honor of working with so many visionary leaders over my 25+ years driving growth for innovative technology startups, and I see in them, and in this company, something extraordinary.

Joining DataVisor at this growth stage is truly exciting. My goal is to bring our visionary technology to the biggest platforms out there—to bring DataVisor to the masses. DataVisor’s solutions are beyond what is currently available to the market. We’re leading the way to a new vision for fraud management; one that prioritizes proactivity. Fraud is everyone’s problem, and only the most sophisticated, scalable solutions can empower organizations to stay ahead of rapidly-evolving fraud attacks. DataVisor’s AI-powered approach and use of proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms set the bar for delivering the kind of performance global enterprises need. I look forward to representing a truly world-changing solution.

I first met Yinglian and Fang over a year ago. I wasn’t looking for a change at that time, and my standing policy regarding new opportunities has always been, “Only call me if it’s a game-changer.” DataVisor is a game-changer. I knew it from the moment I was introduced to the company. The very next day, I drove to Mountain View to meet Yinglian and Fang. What were my first impressions? When I consider a new opportunity, the first thing I think about is, do I like the culture? Do I like the people? Will it be fun, exciting, and rewarding? By the end of that first meeting, my answer was an unequivocal yes. When I got exposed to how incredible Yinglian and Fang are, and when I saw what they’ve already accomplished, I said to myself at the time, “I have to be a part of this business.” Now, it’s a reality, and I’m ready.

In terms of what I see when I look forward, I think about it as a “three-legged stool” approach. The first leg is the product itself—the problem it solves, and the solution it offers. You’ve got to have the algorithm, the right technology. DataVisor has it. This is going to be very big. The second leg is the market—TAM. The opportunity here is vast. It’s global. If you’re selling on the internet, then you’re concerned about fraud. The final leg is execution, and that’s what I’m here to do—execute. DataVisor has just released DCube, and it’s already getting great traction and great market adoption. I’m going to expand on that through incredible partnerships. I foresee hyper growth, and I’m already anticipating the new clients we’ll be bringing on.

For a company this size to already have achieved so much in both the U.S. and China—two of the most important markets in the world—it’s unbelievable. We’re a global company already, and with a solid foundation for growth and scale, we’re going to do some remarkable things together.

This is exactly the right moment.

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