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March 11, 2020 - COVID-19 Updates

Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 has emerged as a topic of critical global concern. At DataVisor, we continue to closely monitor all developments.

Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has emerged as a topic of critical global concern. At DataVisor, we continue to closely monitor all developments.

First and foremost in our minds at this time are the health of our employees and the safety and security of our customers, prospects, and partners. As we continue our day-to-day operations, we are implementing appropriate procedures to ensure there are no disruptions or impacts to our services, and that all concerned remain healthy and safe. 

Customer success is of primary importance to all at DataVisor. We do not foresee any impact to the delivery of any DataVisor services due to COVID-19. As always, we remain committed to keeping our services and support available to our customers around the globe and communicating any changes promptly. Customers are encouraged to reach out directly to their Technical Account Managers (TAM) with any questions.

This page details policies we have adopted and communicated to our employees and customers worldwide. These policies will be reviewed and updated frequently, as will the time period they cover.  

We can assure all concerned that DataVisor has had a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place since our inception. It is a living, evolving document that is continuously reviewed, and it factors in the current COVID-19 outbreak.

An an additional resource, we have prepared an FAQ for quick reference, which addresses many of the essential recurring questions related to the developing COVID-19 situation.

The following policies, practices, and procedures are currently active and will remain so through March 2020, pending any necessary changes.

Employee Health Policy

DataVisor employees and their families are encouraged to follow hygiene guidelines as set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Recommended practices include regularly and thoroughly washing hands, limiting facial contact, limiting person-to-person contact, and self-monitoring for symptoms such as fever.      

Travel Policy

Employees are discouraged from traveling internationally and should evaluate the necessity of air, rail, and road travel within their countries of origin, to limit their exposure to high-traffic communal areas, and to any areas through which large populations move.

Work From Home Policy

Employees have the option to work from home through the current timeframe indicated above.  DataVisor enables remote work for its employees with services and capabilities that include virtual meeting software and accounts, phone and internet reimbursements, and more.  

Office Facilities

DataVisor offices remain open to employees who need access. Extended measures have been taken to maintain a sanitary environment at each location. 

Public Events, Conferences and Meetings

Most conferences and industry gatherings are being canceled or postponed. DataVisor employees are encouraged to take virtual meetings using Zoom or Google Hangouts as an alternative to large-scale live events.  
For additional details, please see our COVID-19 FAQs.

about COVID-19 Updates
about COVID-19 Updates