The Most Malicious Attacks are Highly Sophisticated

That’s why financial institutions are turning to DataVisor, the industry-leading fraud detection system based on AI and machine learning. With full-scale protection against losses resulting from application and transaction fraud, account takeover and money laundering, DataVisor cracks down on new attack patterns before they result in financial and reputational damage.

Solutions for Banks and Financial Services

DataVisor provides a robust fraud detection system that includes a combination of rules, supervised machine learning, and unsupervised machine learning to fight fraud. As a comprehensive solution, organizations can leverage the advantages of each while mitigating the weaknesses.

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Financial Fraud

Fraud attacks in financial services are stealthy, more coordinated and mimic normal human behavior to avoid detection. DataVisor Enterprise future-proofs banks and other financial services organizations from financial losses resulting from application fraud, account takeovers and fraudulent transactions.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Existing transaction monitoring systems are too rudimentary to effectively catch sophisticated money launderers who also have access to advanced technology. DataVisor Anti-Money Laundering Solution uncovers hidden links between accounts, customers and time to detect hidden networks of money laundering activity.

The DataVisor Difference

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From Data to Insights

Process raw digital data – both structured and unstructured (e.g. IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, device types, and user agent strings) with feature engineering to identify common fraud patterns and correlations. 

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Production Ready. In Real Time.

Automatically look for patterns and correlations without the need for fraud labels, historic data or extensive training. DataVisor’s machine learning models can directly operate on production data to detect new fraud attacks.


Minimal Retuning

Tune and be done. Models maintain performance over time and do not require frequent re-tunings since their predictive power is not based on intelligence derived from historic experience.

Product Suite for the Entire Organization

Stop evolving account takeover threats

Risk Strategy & Planning

DataVisor’s approach to fraud prevention allows strategy teams to stay ahead of fraud by uncovering previously undetected fraud patterns while using robust exploration and analysis tools to proactively address emerging fraud patterns.

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Fraud and Risk Operations

Bulk review capability helps analysts in  operational teams effectively manage their alerts and queues, vastly reducing manual review time. Monitoring tools automatically raise alerts based on individual thresholds at the onset of fraud attack, lowering alert volume significantly. 

high accuracy and coverage to detect account takeover

Data Science and Analytics

Data integration and evaluation engine allows teams to identify data issues early in the cycle. Feature engineering and model governance tools give data scientists and business analysts complete control over the modeling engine allowing them to fine-tune features, compare models and deploy them in production with confidence.

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