Fraud Management for Financial Services

Stop application and transaction fraud, account takeover, money laundering, and more, before they result in financial and reputational damage.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Achieve quick and quantifiable ROI with easy-to-integrate, highly scalable fraud solutions. Deploy advanced fraud models informed by deep domain expertise, and receive actionable fraud signals in real time, without the need of labels, large data sets, or manual retuning. Go beyond simple anomaly detection to expose and deter known and unknown attacks.

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Image for Data-Driven Insights
Data-Driven Insights

Process structured and unstructured data with feature engineering to identify common fraud patterns and correlations.

Image for Real-Time Production Readiness
Real-Time Production Readiness

Deploy machine learning models to directly operate on production data. Detect new fraud attacks with no need for labels or historic data.

Image for Minimal Training and Retuning
Minimal Training and Retuning

Benefit from consistent model performance over time, and bypass the need for extensive training and frequent retuning.

Product Suite

to manage the complete risk cycle

Total Control and Transparency

Prevent known and unknown fraud with the comprehensive fraud management platform that combines advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms with an enterprise workflow to give full control to your fraud and data science teams. Build and deploy high-performance models to proactively defeat known and unknown fraud with speed and agility.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Protect your organization with a robust fraud detection solution that combines adaptive machine learning technology and powerful investigative workflows to deliver real-time fraud signals. Rely with confidence on holistic data analysis and accurate risk scores to proactively detect and defuse emerging fraud attacks.

Client Success Stories

Application Fraud Case Study with Leading U.S. Card Issuer

DataVisor partnered with a top U.S. credit card issuer to deliver a scalable solution to fight application fraud.

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Learn how financial institutions are successfully saving millions in the fight against fraud.

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Keeping Up with Fraud in Digital Banking

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DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q1 2019

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Access proprietary data and research results to discover the latest attack techniques and prevention strategies.

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