Fraud Management for Financial Services

Stop application and transaction fraud, account takeover, money laundering, and more, before they result in financial and reputational damage.

“DataVisor provides a highly scalable application that analyzes all accounts, events, and transactions, including structured and unstructured data, simultaneously to create suspicious clusters of activity. DataVisor's proprietary Unsupervised Machine Learning has enabled its customers to identify fraudulent activity quicker and with more accuracy than their solutions. Customers have noted a less than 1% false positive rate for use cases in which the DataVisor application has been deployed.”

- IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Fraud Management in Banking 2020 Vendor Assessment

Continuous Protection for Financial Institutions Across the Entire Account Lifecycle

Prevent financial fraud in real time and provide full transparency and explainability with AI-powered protection across every customer touchpoint.

Solutions for Every Fraud Type

Application Fraud

Detect fraudulent applications early and accurately, and get immediate protection from fast-changing attacks.

Transaction Fraud

Detect fraudulent transactions before damage happens using advanced machine learning, and create frictionless customer experiences for good users.

Anti-Money Laundering

Get AI-powered AML monitoring for financial services. Boost detection, accelerate decisions, and maintain compliance.

Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance

Achieve quick and quantifiable ROI with easy-to-integrate, highly scalable fraud solutions. Deploy advanced fraud models informed by deep domain expertise, and receive actionable fraud signals in real time, without the need of labels, large data sets, or manual retuning. Go beyond simple anomaly detection to expose and deter known and unknown attacks.

Data-Driven Insights

Process structured and unstructured data with feature engineering to identify common fraud patterns and correlations.

Real-Time Production

Deploy machine learning models to directly operate on production data. Detect new fraud attacks with no need for labels or historic data.

Minimal Training and Retuning Readiness

Benefit from consistent model performance over time, and bypass the need for extensive training and frequent retuning.

"DataVisor’s machine learning solution is the most critical component of our fraud defense as we grow in the digital space, helping us minimize customer friction while defeating fraud risk."

Richard Cooney

|Head of Fraud Strategy

The Datavisor Platform

Data Integration

Ingest structured and unstructured data from omnichannel sources

Feature Engineering

Create advanced fraud features to enhance models and rules


Defeat fast-evolving fraud patterns with adaptive machine learning


Take actions in real time to mitigate fraud and delight good customers


Review cases with a linkage view and uncover new fraud patterns