DataVisor Platform

The DataVisor Platform combines cutting-edge AI and big data technologies to detect attacks without training data, and often before attackers have done damage. There are three key components of the solution: The Unsupervised Machine Learning (UML) Engine, the Automated Rules Engine and the Global Intelligence Network.

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine

At the core of the DataVisor Detection solution is the DataVisor UML Engine, which analyzes patterns across billions of accounts and events simultaneously. This allows it to detect suspicious connections between malicious accounts without training data and catch entire attack rings at once.

Automated Rules Engine

The Automated Rules Engine combines the power of machine learning models with the explainability of rules engines. Using results from the UML Engine, it automatically generates and maintains human-understandable rules with high detection performance and reduces maintenance costs updating and deprecating existing rules.

Global Intelligence Network

The DataVisor Global Intelligence Network leverages deep learning technologies to provide real-time, comprehensive digital intelligence based on the industry’s widest set of digital data, including IP addresses, geographic location, email domains, mobile device types, operating system, browser agents, phone prefixes, and more.


DataVisor’s UML Engine, Automated Rules Engine, and Global Intelligence Network work in concert to provide a full suite of abuse, fraud, and money-laundering solutions. DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning technology is able to accept a huge quantity and variety of data, including unstructured digital data and texts. It supports both real time and batch integration. Learn more about integration options below.

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