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Device Intelligence

Device fingerprinting is a process of collecting unique identifying information from a digital device that’s used for identity validation, fraud prevention and digital advertising. DataVisor’s device intelligence solution protects against mobile and web attacks from emulators, botnets, hijacked devices, app cloners and more, while delivering accurate signals, device IDs and scores to boost detection.

Why Is DataVisor’s Device Intelligence Unique?

Detect Emulators, Botnets, Hijacked Devices and More

DataVisor’s device intelligence identifies sophisticated attack techniques such as emulators, botnets, rooted and hooked devices, app cloners and cloud phones — even when IMEA and IMEI are missing. It detects bad actors abusing the new Macbooks with M1 chips, and delivers a unique device ID for each device, no matter how fraudsters change device parameters.

Collect 100+ Data Fields from Android, iOS

DataVisor collects accurate and extensive intelligence from desktops and mobile devices (Android and iOS). It gathers 100+ data fields in real time, including device info, operating system, network, timestamp, languages, user agents and more, and protects customer privacy by not collecting PII data.

Edge Computing

Edge computing processes data locally and reduces traffic loads at scale to eliminate latency and improve speed. By computing data on local devices, it protects customer privacy, reduces the amount of data at risk and minimizes investment in infrastructure.

Secure with Whitebox Encryption and Digital Signature

Protect data and SDK with whitebox encryption and digital signature. Protect data from being hijacked, tampered or analyzed offline. Use a unique encryption key per device to provide advanced security, even when a few devices are compromised.