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Identity (ID) Graphing

Knowledge Graph is a graph-based visualization solution that collects and aggregates information from millions of nodes and relationships to derive insights. DataVisor’s Knowledge Graph builds visualized intelligence from omnichannel data to empower contextual decisions. It helps fraud, risk and AML teams uncover new patterns and defeat large-scale fraud and money-laundering activities in real time.

Why Is DataVisor’s Knowledge Graph Unique?

Deep-Link Analysis on Any Entity

Knowledge Graph ingests omnichannel data to build and visualize multidimensional connections among various entities, including users, groups, money flows, IPs, emails, addresses and other attributes in real time. It uncovers hidden patterns and finds the most suspicious cases.

Smart Layout and One-Click Investigation

The smart layout displays critical connections based on each fraud scenario. It highlights fraudulent relationships in the network and supports one-click investigations that connect new entities with previously detected fraud rings, without the need for manual searches.

Dynamic Update on Blocklists and Allowlists

DataVisor’s dynamic integration supports marking a group of bad users directly on the linkage graph and adding them to blacklists, as well as bulk marking good users to whitelists. This enables real-time decision-making and saves extra steps between investigation and action.


Complete Customization and Intuitive UI

The operations team has full control to define strong and weak linkages and set volume and time windows. DataVisor supports configurable connection and network depth building, enabling investigators to expand multiple layers and get granular insights.