Collect real-time intelligence from connected devices. Proactively defend mobile and web applications against advanced device manipulations and fast-evolving threat attacks.

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Real-Time Protection for Mobile and Web Apps

DataVisor’s dEdge protects native mobile and web applications against threat attacks, no matter how fraudsters use root, hook, emulators, and other tactics to manipulate devices.

dEdge collects extensive device information in real time, identifies sophisticated device manipulations, and delivers accurate device IDs, risk signals, and scores. When used in combination with other DataVisor machine learning solutions, dEdge empowers clients to uncover known and unknown attacks early and to take action with confidence.

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Advanced Detection of Manipulated Devices

Real-Time Data Collection

Collect extensive intelligence from connected devices and gather hundreds of fields in real time.

Device Manipulation Detection

Detect advanced attack tactics and provide risk signals to accurately identify manipulated devices.

Unique Device ID and Score

Deliver unique device IDs and accurate device scores no matter how fraudsters disguise the devices.

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The dEdge Difference

Speed and Privacy with Edge Computing

Deliver exceptional app performance, protect customer privacy, and reduce costs. Eliminate latency and improve speed by processing data locally and scaling down traffic loads.

Data Security at Every Touchpoint

Secure data with best-in-class white-box encryption and digital signature capabilities. Stop fraudsters from hijacking or tampering with data. Use a unique encryption key per device for advanced security.

Scalability and Cost Savings

Reduce cloud computing costs and intensive up-front infrastructure costs with distributed edge systems. Expand protection and achieve enterprise-scale detection.

Rapid Implementation and Integration

Provides seamless integration with DataVisor’s product suite. Supports both cloud and on-premise environments.

Protect your business, your customers, and your applications.

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