Advanced Rules Engine

Combine the simplicity and ease of rules with powerful AI and machine learning-enriched features to power comprehensive fraud protection with DataVisor’s advanced rules engine.

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Defeat Fraud at Scale with a Comprehensive Protection Solution

Augment the simplicity of a rules engine with the scalability and capabilities of machine learning, and the sophistication of advanced AI-powered features, to safeguard your organization from modern fraud attacks. DataVisor’s Advanced Rules Engine integrates with our Feature Platform to power early detection with enriched fraud features.

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The DataVisor Rules Engine: Advanced Detection, Superior Results

Advanced Features

Augment detection with AI-enriched features and deep learning features.

Large-Scale Ruleset Management

Systematically track and validate rule performance with backtesting and forward testing.

Decisioning and Case Management

Combine detection results and output them to case management for automated decisioning.

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Solutions for Every Industry

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The Advanced Rules Engine: Create, Manage, Optimize.

Real-time detection. Advanced features. Ensemble decisions and actionable rules. The DataVisor Rules Engine offers the most flexible implementation for advanced rules management at scale.

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Early Detection

Create rules with enriched features from DataVisor’s Feature Platform to increase detection speed and accuracy.

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Easy Adoption

Rapidly deploy new rules with automation. Test, track, and validate rule performance with high flexibility and easy implementation.

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Enterprise Scalability

Systematically create and manage complex rules and rulesets at scale. Support real-time detection in a high QPS environment.

Flexible and Seamless Integration

The DataVisor Rules Engine is a critical component of any comprehensive fraud management solution, and can be seamlessly integrated to enhance detection and prevention at scale.

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